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Mom brought home chicks on Tuesday. Six of the sweetest little fluffies I’ve had the benefit of raising. <3 I legit just spent the better part of an hour holding the one in my hand up there cause she fell asleep on me. Just snuggled right down into my palm and BAM out like a light.

We have three yellow, and three striped. The striped ones look like chipmunks XD One of the yellow ones has a name (she’s darker, so I dubbed her pretty Penny. X3) and one of the stripeds is just so tiny that her name is Lil Bit.

Yes, I am a dork. Why do you ask?

Hopefully these babies will survive a summer. Between eagles, foxes and dogs that jackasses let wander loose, it’s a vague hope. But at the least, I can help raise these babies.


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